Why become a member?

There is no time commitment required to join.  In addition to our fundraising efforts, Holliston PTO depends on annual memberships to help fund enrichment programs offered to Holliston students Pre-K through 12th grade, as well as secure insurance that makes all of our family events possible. This allows us to build a strong school and community.  We are instrumental in promoting student achievement and supporting academic programs.  When families partner with schools, children succeed.  We welcome parents, students, teachers, grandparents, and community members. 

Did you know that PTO memberships expire at the end of every school year in June?   It may be time for you to renew or to join PTO if you are not currently a member. See below for how to become a member/renew your membership.

PTO funded enrichment programs that we offer our students include:

Memberships also fund:

It's easy to become a member (or renew your membership):  

You can join online (click the “Join PTO” button). The online membership (or membership renewal) donation is handled by Stripe, and is safe and secure