·  Did you know that the American education system is built around an 1893 model developed to equip the industrial revolution?

·   Do you feel that our current education model is preparing students for working life in the 21st century?

·   Do you agree with the existing model of teacher-led learning, or would you like to see a more widespread introduction of project-based learning?

·   Are you interested in debating the pros and cons of a major shift in teaching practices?

At the end of April, Holliston PTO invited you to a screening of the ground-breaking documentary; Most Likely to Succeed, followed by an interactive discussion with a panel of experts about re-imagining our school system. We hope you attended and found the content useful. 

We are now taking this further and continuing the discussion about re-imagining our schools. We urge you to attend this important milestone in changing the way we think about schools. 

Check back for more details on how you can be part of this movement and key facilitators who will be attending our follow-up session. 

Want to get a head-start on the philosophy? You can preview the trailer at and review excerpts from the film where Sir Ken Robinson and other thought leaders tackle the most important issues facing education today:

We look forward to welcoming you to the event and to opening the discussion about the changing landscape of education within our community.

For questions, email Lynne Rahim at

This is not a school sponsored event.



Lynne Rahims, Chairperson

Anne Buckley, Co-chairperson