Volunteer Job Descriptions

Thank you for volunteering!                                                                                                                      

Below you will find short summaries describing each volunteer opportunity as outlined on the PTSA Team Member Form (a/k/a “the volunteer form”).  The following is meant to accompany the Form, and is not intended to be a stand-alone document.  It is important to have a rudimentary understanding of Holliston’s PTSA structure to follow the document.  PTSA is organized at the town-wide level (comprised of an executive Board and program Chairs), each level has its own organization, as follows:

Town-wide PTSA – comprised of Executive Board, which includes members of Executive Boards of level orgs:

HSPTSA = High School PTSA;
MSPTSA = Middle School PTSA;
EPTSA = Elementary Schools PTSA

Each section indicates the timeframe of the volunteer commitment (i.e., all year, part of the year, one-off, etc.) and at what level the program is administered, i.e., town-wide level, HHS, Middle School, Elementary.  Some definitions:

Year-long = academic year, unless otherwise noted
Short-term = an program/event lasting a period of time, with a starting and ending point
One-off = a single program/event

Please do not hesitate to contact any Volunteer Coordinator or Board Member with any questions!


Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: Town-wide PTSA

This Board oversees the business of Holliston PTSA, ensures the organization is in compliance with our national charter, and coordinates those programs run at the town-wide level, to wit: Culture Connection, Ski and Snowboard program, Auction, Parent Ed, Membership, and Destination Imagination.  This body serves as the Board of Directors for the Holliston PTSA, and liaises with the Administration and other Community organizations.


The President runs town-wide PTSA meetings, sets the meeting calendar, develops the meeting agendas, ensures any and all contracts and insurance policies are current, appropriate and signed.

Vice President

This position “shadows” the President and collaborates with him/her on the business of PTSA throughout the year.  The VP will serve as President the following year.

Executive Treasurer

This position runs the PTSA checkbook, and ensures all things financial are compliant, up to date and balanced.  This includes receiving check requests and disbursing checks, ensuring the financial software license is up to date and the building-level Treasurers have the appropriate access to accounts.  This Treasurer ensures that the organization is in compliance with IRS regulations, including overseeing the filing of tax returns.

Executive Secretary

This position is responsible for taking meeting minutes, presenting them for acceptance to the Membership for approval, and ensures that they are circulated and/or posted as appropriate.


Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: Building-level PTSAs

These positions mirror those Executive Officer positions at the Town-wide level as they pertain to the business of the particular building.  For example, the Treasurer of the High School PTSA maintains the records, disburses checks and balances the account of the High School PTSA.


These volunteers will be called upon from time to time as volunteer opportunities arise.  

There is no commitment on the part of the general volunteer to volunteer any particular time; this volunteer can volunteer as his/her schedule allows.  When volunteer opportunities arise for a particular event, an email goes out to those who volunteered for that event, and then to the general volunteer list as needed (e.g., those who checked off “Class Pictures” will be asked to help first, and if all the shifts are not filled, the general volunteers will get an email asking for help).


Timeframe: Year-long
Level: ES PTSA

Job description: The PTSA Translation Team helps families for whom English is not their first language. Parents translate school information and PTSA announcements. Parent interpreters (spoken) are on hand for school events such as Kindergarten info night to help other parents with English communication. Workload is variable from month-to-month.


Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: Town-wide Coordinator and School Level Chair at each school – elementary has two, one for Placentino, and one for Miller.

The Culture Connection program brings a wide variety of cultural events to our schools.  For more information on the program, see www.hollistonptsa.org/CultureConneciton.  The Culture Connection chairs at each school level work with the administrations to identify and schedule these enriching programs.   

Program Coordinator

This position organizes the program across the levels, ensuring that the coordinator at each school schedules events, works with the Administrations and that all dates are on the district calendar.  The Program Coordinator also writes grants for all school levels to support programming.

School-level Chair

Each school’s coordinator researches and schedules events at the school.  This person works with the Administration to schedule these events, and then works with the vendor in contracting their appearance at the school. 


These volunteers assist the Chair in scheduling the events at the school.  This person will likely be asked to receive the presenter at the school and ensure that the schedule runs smoothly throughout the day.



Timeframe: Long-term commitment: from November to May.
Level: Town-wide PTSA; program is grades 3-12.

For more information on the program of Destination Imagination, go to: http://www.hollistondi.org and www.destinationimagination.org.

DI teams work together to creatively solve challenges; DI teaches creative problem-solving and effective team-working skills. DI students work together from November - March in teams of two to seven members under the direction of a Team Manager.

Team Manager

Timeframe: Short-term commitment; from November – March
Level: Town-wide PTSA; program is grades 3-12

The Team Manager guides, teaches and facilitates the each DI group, but cannot offer solutions or assist in creating ideas or materials--it is all up to the students! The team's solution can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to develop.



Timeframe: Year-long commitment; the bulk of the responsibilities are complete by November.
Level:  Town-wide PTSA

The Membership Chair is responsible for maintaining the database of PTSA members, and coordinating and facilitating membership drives.


Editor and Designer

Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: Town-wide PTSA

Each month the PTSA publishes a newsletter.  The editor is responsible for gathering copy from the various school-level PTSA organizations, and publishing the newsletter to various outlets, including local media.  The designer is responsible for typesetting the copy and preparing it for on-line publication.



Timeframe:  Year-long commitment
Level:  Town-wide PTSA

Part of PTSA’s charter is to promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school and community.  In so doing, PTSA offers workshops and lectures for parents to develop strategies on how best to prepare our students to live and learn in the modern world.  The Parent Ed chair researches workshops and lectures, and facilitates bringing ones of value to our school Community.


Assists the Chair in researching and facilitating Parent Ed events as needed.


Timeframe:  Short-term commitment: about eight weeks, November-January.
Level: Town-wide PTSA

For more information about the Reflections Art program, please see Hollistonptsa.org/Programs/Reflections. 

National PTA's Reflections Program is designed to enhance quality arts education for grades K-12. In its 30-year history, the Reflections Program has encouraged millions of students across the nation and in American schools overseas to explore their artistic talents. In Holliston, we run Reflections competitions at each level. The chair for each level facilitates the program, including communicating with the Media Centers, recruiting judges, and setting up an event to display the entries.


Timeframe:  Short-term commitment: November through January.
Level: Town-wide Coordinator; chairs at each level (elementary is Miller only).

The ski club arranges for a bus load of students to go to a local ski mountain once per week for a period of several weeks beginning in January.  The Ski Club Coordinator, along with the School level chairs, facilitate registration and permission for students, bus transportation, arrangements with the mountain and any and all other details pertaining to ski club. 


Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: Town-wide PTSA


This role oversees all things relating to communication from PTSA to the community.  S/he ensures that all notices and communication, including website, social media and calendars, are up to date, accurate and that all messaging is consistent and in once voice.  This role is uniquely and closely connected and in close collaboration and communication with the Town-wide PTSA Board, and the Boards of each complex.

Website Administrator

Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: Town-wide

The webmaster maintains and handles given edits for Hollistonptsa.org.  He/she ensures coordinates with Marketing Chair, Social Media and Press Liaison that all information is current and up-to-date.

Social Media Liaison

Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: Town-wide

This person works with the Chair and other members of the PR/Marketing team; facilitates postings for PTSA, including marketing upcoming events, and pictures, information and anecdotes from PTSA events as they are happening and afterwards.  This person is well-acquainted with the PTSA events calendar and works closely with the PR team to ensure that events are covered and publicized via Facebook, as appropriate.

Press Coordinator

Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: Town-wide

This person works with the Chair and other members of the PR/Marketing team; serves as PR representative from the organization to the press.  S/he is responsible for press releases, and keeping the local press apprised of PTSA messaging and events.


Timeframe: Calendar year-round; three years total.
Level:  EPTSA

There are three elementary volunteer coordinators (“VCs”).  Each VC starts as a 1st year coordinator, then goes on to 2nd year, finishing with the 3rd year.  The VCs are the lifeblood of EPTSA: they work together to procure and maintain the database of elementary volunteers, recruit volunteers as needed, facilitate the scheduling of volunteers at events; work with the administration on all events requiring volunteers and much, much more.  If this position is of interest to you, please contact one of the current VCs directly. 


Timeframe: regular, yet minimal, commitment: September-June
Level: MS PTSA

Gathers email list of general volunteers as well as event specific volunteers.  Responsible for contacting those lists to fulfill the request of the event chair for each event. (1-2 hours/month)


Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: EPTSA and MS PTSA

Elementary School Food Pantry Coordinators

Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: EPTSA; coordinator at each school, Placentino and Miller

These Coordinators, one for each building, serves as liaison between the Holliston Pantry Shelf and the elementary schools.  S/he coordinates the collection of food pantry donations from students from each school and delivery to the Food Pantry.  The Coordinator ensures that there is appropriate coverage to perform this service on each of the food pantry collection days at Placentino and Miller.

Food Pantry Delivery Volunteer

When called upon, this volunteer picks up donations at the schools and delivers them to the Food Pantry on Water Street.

8th Grade Community Service Day

Timeframe: Short term commitment: May-June
Level: MS PTSA

Work together with 8th grade teachers to organize a day for all 8th graders to service their community.  This is an event that has been fine-tuned for the past 8 years.  2-3 meetings with 8th grade team leaders as well as forming a committee of parent volunteers.  The day is followed by a BBQ lunch on the lawn with 75-100 senior citizens as the students’ guests. (10 hours)

Celebrate Holliston Liaison

Timeframe: September
Level: Town-wide PTSA

This role coordinates with the PTSA Boards to determine what role, if any, PTSA will play at Celebrate Holliston, and then ensures that all the appropriate actions are taken to bring about that role.

Parent to Parent Committee Member

Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: EPTSA

Members work with Chair to fulfill mission of Parent to Parent program, a fund which helps families in need meet extraneous costs that arise throughout the school year, e.g., field trip fees, school supplies, etc.

Placentino Bus Buddies

Timeframe:  Short term commitment; starts in August and ends after the first week of school.
Level: EPTSA; Placentino only.

Bus Buddies are parents who ride the bus the first week of school to help the transition for kindergartners riding the bus for the first time.  The BB chair organizes the parent volunteers, making sure that every bus route is covered for the first week of school (partial week).   The BB chair ensures that each bus has a CORIed volunteer to ride, greet and guide our newest bus riders!

Care Cart – Volunteer Coordinator and Inventory Coordinator

Timeframe:  Year-long commitment
Level: EPTSA; Placentino only

The CARE program at Placentino is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) system, which is supported by EPTSA.  The students are awarded “CARE cards” by teachers for positive behaviors in school, which they can trade in for prizes from the CARE cart, which makes its rounds to every classroom once per week.  The Care Cart volunteer coordinator ensures proper volunteer staffing of the Care cart throughout the year.  The Inventory Coordinator manages the prize inventory on the carts, and works with the Guidance Departments in determining the prizes as they rotate throughout the year.


18th Century Days


Timeframe: Short-term commitment in the spring, usually a parent of a third grader.
Level:  EPTSA

18thcentury days is a week-long program whereby the third graders visit the Holliston Historical Society and learn what life was like in Holliston in the 18th century.  The coordinator serves as the liaison with the staff at the Historical Society to arrange the visits for all the third grade classes.  This chair also schedules volunteers to staff the visits throughout the week. 


Timeframe: Shift(s) on single day during May’s 18th Century Days
Level:  EPTSA: third grade

Volunteers attend a training and then volunteer for a shift when the third graders visit the Holliston Historical Society on their appointed day for the event.  Volunteers dress is 18th Century garb and help teach students various skills and tasks of the era, including stenciling, candle making, herbology.


Timeframe:  Short-term commitment, January-February.
Level: EPTSA

Sciencefest is a one-day, Saturday event that celebrates science!  This chair works with a committee of parent, student (middle-and high school) volunteers and teachers to present an exciting day filled with scientific theory-based activities.  This chair schedules the volunteers to staff the various stations throughout the day, and works to promote the event. 

Elementary School Book Fair

Timeframe: Short term commitment, twice annually:  fall (October) and spring (March).
Level: EPTSA

EPTSA holds two book fairs annually, both of which benefit the libraries at Placentino and Miller schools.  The fall fair, by Scholastic books, is generally held at the Miller School in November, and is visited by the Miller students during the school day.  The spring fair, by Bookends, is traditionally held at Placentino in March, the hours for which are held only after-school.  The Book Fair Chair coordinates both fairs, including working with the book vendors, coordinating volunteers, and marketing the events. Many volunteers are needed at both book fairs to help the students look for and purchase books.  The shifts are generally about two hours long.  A volunteer with some accounting skills is needed to facilitate the proceeds and distributions. 

Middle School Book Fair

Timeframe: Short term commitment: April
Level: MS PTSA

MSPTSA holds one book fair annually over a 2-3 day period. The Book Fair Chair works with the Adams School Library Specialist, coordinates volunteers and markets the event. Volunteer shifts are generally two hours long.  (10+ hours)

Nature’s Classroom

Timeframe: Intermittent: October, December, April
Level: MS PTSA

Collates and disperses the communication paperwork and oversees the departure and return of all 6th grade students with the school nurse and administration.  The students depart for 5 days at an environmental camp in Charlton, MA the week after April vacation. This person is not responsible for collection of funds.    This person is responsible for organizing a handful of parent chaperones, but is not responsible for any overnights or traveling to the camp in Charlton, MA. (10+ hours)


Corporate Programs Co-Chairs

Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: Town-wide PTSA and all school levels

 The Co-Chairs oversee and facilitate the entire program, including managing SCRIP and the relationships with corporate partners.  These programs include SCRIP, Box Tops for Education, and other affinity programs with Target, Stop & Shop, TD Bank and More. 

Corporate Programs Volunteers have various duties, including taking shifts to sell SCRIP, emptying and mailing Box Tops, researching new and valuable affinity or partnership programs.  Your involvement can span for as few or as many hours as you choose.

Auction Co-Chairs

Timeframe: Short-term commitment, spanning approximately three months
Level: Town-wide PTSA

Ensures all things related to a successful fundraising auction are in place; manages the auction project. These positions set meeting dates and times as appropriate, ensures committees are established, staffed and meeting deadlines as appropriate.

This event is run at the town-wide level.  The Auction is Town-wide PTSA’s biggest annual fundraiser.  The Auction Committee has varied responsibilities, including soliciting donors, marketing the event and many other jobs to support this undertaking.

Elementary Fall Fundraiser (Genevieve), Chair

Timeframe: Short-term commitment, spanning a few weeks in the fall

Our fall fundraiser involves students selling items from the Genevieve catalogue www.genevieves.com to family and friends.

The Chair of the fall fundraiser operates the relationship with the vendor, which includes setting the schedule (circulation of materials to students to collection of those materials and checks) and manages the entire process, including marketing of the program, form and check collection, and managing distribution of product. 

Elementary Fall Fundraiser (Genevieve), Volunteer

Timeframe: Short-term commitment; a few hours

The volunteers will be called upon on as-needed basis to assist the chair.  Volunteers are needed to sort the orders and receive parents upon delivery.

Elementary Spring Fundraiser/Square 1 Art, Chair

Timeframe: Short-term commitment; spanning a few weeks in the spring

Square 1 Art involves students selling items using their original artwork as the framework for various items, e.g., coffee mugs, coasters, mouse pads.  http://www.square1art.com

The Chair of the spring fundraiser works with the Art Department and manages the relationship with the vendor, which includes setting the schedule (circulation of order forms to students to collection of those materials and checks).  This Chair oversees the entire process, including marketing of the program, form and check collection and answering parent questions. 

Elementary Spring Fundraiser / Square 1 Art, Volunteer

Timeframe: One-off: a few hours 

The volunteers will be called upon on as-needed basis to assist the chair.  Volunteers are needed to sort the orders and receive parents upon delivery.

Elementary Family Picture Day

Timeframe:  One-off: this is a one-day event, held in the fall

This person works with our photography company, Coffee Pond, in organizing a day where families can have their picture taken.  A portion of the proceeds go to EPTSA.

Elementary School Pictures, Chair

Timeframe:  Short-term commitment, in the late summer/early fall. 

The chair coordinates the taking of school pictures at the beginning of the school year by working with the photography company and administrations to plan picture days at both schools.  This chair ensures that the schedule includes a group picture for each class as well as individual photos for each student.  The plan also accounts for a contingency for inclement weather.  In the past, we have had co-chairs; one person to run the program at each elementary school.

Elementary School Pictures, Volunteer

Timeframe:  One-off: a few hours

These volunteers help with “traffic control” on the day of school pictures, keeping lines moving, collars straight, etc. 

Miller School Store, Chair

Timeframe: Year-long commitment

The school store at Miller is comprised of a few tables set up in the Miller cafeteria, stocked with various school supplies to sell to students twice per week during their lunch period.  The Chair (or Chairs, recommended), facilitate this process by ordering items for sale, scheduling volunteers, and working with the EPTSA Treasurer  to account for, and deposit the proceeds, etc.

Miller School Store, Volunteer

Timeframe: Year-long commitment, about two hours a month

These volunteers work at the store, selling products, and overseeing Miller School students working at the store.  In the past, each volunteer receives ~4-5 shifts per year.  Each shift is about two hours.

Elementary Spiritwear Chair

Timeframe: Year-long commitment

The Spiritwear chair coordinates the inventory and sales of all elementary sprit wear (tee shirts, water bottles, themed trinkets, etc.).  The Chair coordinates volunteers for sales opportunities at various school events and Celebrate Holliston.  S/he keeps inventory, makes bank deposits as necessary and provides periodic budget updates on progress. 

Middle School Magazine Drive Fundraiser Co-chairs

Timeframe: medium commitment: September - November
Level: MS PTSA

This is MSPTSA one and only fundraiser.  Online order period for magazines and personalized photo books.  This fundraiser has been completely over-hauled and simplified for this 2014-2105 school year for both the order process and prize structure.  Responsible for promoting and organizing the fund drive.  Best done with another person. (10+ hours)

Christmas Tree Drive – HHS only

Timeframe: Short-term commitment; November-December

The Chair oversees, and volunteers help, facilitate the annual Christmas tree sale.  This includes marketing the drive, organizing and recruiting volunteers for shift sales, gifting or returning of any leftover trees, and clean-up of sales site.


Timeframe: Short-term commitment, April-May; 6-9 hrs
Level: Town-wide PTSA

Committee awards PTSA-sponsored college scholarships in various categories, including essay writing.  This Chair organizes the scholarship program – communicates the guidelines and deadlines to seniors and recruits readers to judge essays. 



Timeframe:  Short-term commitment, spanning a period of about six weeks.
Level:  Each level has its own Committee and Chair

A significant portion of PTSA’s fundraising dollars goes toward funding grants to teachers and professional staff.  This Appropriations Committee Chair coordinates the grant application process – communicating with the teachers and administration about the guidelines and timelines - and leads the Committee in determining where the grant monies will be awarded.  He/She presents the Committee’s recommendations to the membership for voting. 


Timeframe: Short-term commitment, spanning a few weeks, a few hours of time

These volunteers serve on the committee which receives reviews and if necessary, researches and follows up on grant requests submitted by teachers and staff.  The recommendations of this committee are presented to the full membership for voting. 



Timeframe:  Year-long commitment
Level: EPTSA

The Committee Chair identifies grants for which the district of Holliston may qualify.  S/he works facilitates the grant process, including the management of research, writing and deadlines. 


Timeframe:  Year-long commitment
Level: EPTSA

This volunteer works with the Chair in the completion of grant applications, as identified.


Timeframe: One-off: a few hours, generally in the fall
Level: EPTSA

These volunteers help facilitate (traffic control, etc.) the state-mandated height and weight screening for all students. 


Timeframe:  One-off: shifts lasting a few hours, in the winter (registration) and spring (screening)
Level: EPTSA

These volunteers help facilitate (traffic control, etc.) the state-mandated registration and screening for incoming kindergartners. 


Timeframe:  Short-term commitment, when school begins
Levels: EPTSA and MSPTSA

A separate volunteer form for the library goes home in backpacks on the first day of school.  This coordinator receives these volunteer forms and assists the Media Center director/librarian in scheduling shifts to work throughout the year.


Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: EPTSA

Each classroom in the elementary schools has two room parents.  These volunteers link parents, teachers/staff and EPTSA.  Responsibilities include serving as  teacher-to-parent liaison, classroom volunteer coordinator (e.g., class celebrations, in-class help, etc.), EPTSA-to-parent liasion and class emergency dismissal coordinator.


Timeframe: Year-long commitment
Level: EPTSA

Each grade, and the Montessori program, has one Grade Captain.  These volunteer “oversee” Room Parents, connect Room Parents to Volunteer Coordinators as well as coordinate specific events for their grade. They are instrumental in recruiting Room Parents for classrooms within their grade.  These volunteers are also responsible for coordinating emergency dismissal procedures for applicable grades.  It is customary that a volunteer serve as a Room Parent prior to becoming a Grade Captain. 


Timeframe: Short-term commitment from February through May for the Elementary Co-Chairs and Elementary Planning Committee. One-Off in late April or early May for Volunteers and Bakers at Placentino and Miller.

These volunteers work with the vice president at each school level to plan and manage events for Teacher Appreciation Week, working with allocated budget.  Parents can volunteer to be on the planning committee, bake, serve lunch, etc.


6th Grade Carnival

Timeframe: Short term commitment- November or January
Level: MS PTSA

Responsible to organizing the annual event for 6th graders only.  This event been running for 5 years and has been fined tuned.  Event is typically on a Friday night in early November.  A committee is gathered along with volunteers(VC). (8 hours)

6th Grade Dance Lessons

Timeframe: Medium commitment once a week - November & December
Level: MS PTSA

Oversees eight Thursday nights in November and December.  This event is run by a third party.  PR, sign-ups, money collection and event chaperones (VC) are required. (15 hours)

7th Grade Middle of the Middle

Timeframe: Short term commitment: January
Level: MS PTSA

This event is one day in late January celebrating the middle day or the middle year of middle school.  It takes place primarily during an extended lunch hour.  The 7th grade teachers assist in this event.  A few volunteers are needed the day of. (2-3 hours)

8th Grade Dance Representative

Timeframe: Short term commitment: June
Level: MS PTSA

This event is the evening of the last Friday of the school year.  The dance is organized by the 8th grade teachers and a group of interested students and is held in the cafeteria.  You will communicate with the lead teacher and assist with food and decorations as needed. (2-3 hours)


Timeframe:  Year-long commitment
Level: EPTSA


EPTSA sponsors a number of events for community-building purposes.  These are not designed as fundraisers, per say, events to bring the students back to school with their parents in a more social atmosphere.   The events include: back to school picnic, reading night (2), bingo night, movie night, Family Fitness Night and the ice cream social in June.  This position works best with two or three chairs.

Family Activities Volunteer

Timeframe: A few hours

Family Activities volunteers will be called upon to help with individual activities as the needs arise.  For example, volunteers are needed to sell popcorn at movie night, scoop ice cream at the ice cream social, etc.  These are one-off shifts, usually lasting about two hours.


Timeframe: Short-term commitment from March through June
Level: Town-wide PTSA and school levels

The PTSA Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating at least one eligible person for each office to be filled and reports its nominees to the membership in advance of the election of officers held in June.