As of September 1, 2016 you will see a new name and new look as we officially become the Holliston PTO. 

Why the change?  Becoming an independent PTO grants us greater flexibility and allows us to apply 100% of our membership dues directly back to Holliston schools, instead of paying a portion of our proceeds to the State or National PTA. 

What does it mean for you?  Aside from the name change, there should be little direct impact to our organization. Our new Holliston PTO will operate under our existing structure (Elementary, Middle and Townwide) and follow our current bylaws, with a complete bylaws review completed and approved by February 2017.  We will continue to encourage families to become PTO members - as this allows us to carry insurance for our events and programs (like Ski Club), as well as continue our scholarship program for High School seniors.  Our membership link online will go live September 1, when our PTA affiliation officially ends. We are excited about the change and are looking forward to building on our new identity with some new ideas, opportunities and events. Website content will be updated over the next few weeks so check back soon!

Holliston PTO is a parent-driven volunteer organization that strives to provide resources and enrichment programs for all students and teachers pre-K-12. We maintain strong partnerships within the community, including parents, teachers, school administrators and staff.

PTO is  comprised of a town-wide board, and two building-level organizations:

Elementary School and Middle School

Holliston PTO | PO Box 6411 | Holliston, MA 01746



Did you know that PTO memberships expire at the end of the school year in June?   It may be time for you to renew or to join PTO if you are not currently a member.  PTO depends on memberships to help fund the outstanding programs, grants and scholarships it’s able to offer our students, parents and teachers.

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The PTO runs on volunteers, and we need more people to help out. There are many programs in jeopardy of being cut if we do not have new volunteers to fill open positions.   Please consider volunteering for one of the many opportunities available.

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